Pak Nit II e3+ Compactor

Achieve a new level of performance and appearance for tubular knit fabrics with the Navis TubeTex Pak Nit II e3+ Compactor. For high quality outerwear and apparel knit fabrics, your facility’s final step of processing will yield a softer hand as well as superior shrinkage, width and yield control.

Pak Nit e3 Gemini Main

Pak Nit e3 Gemini Compactor

The Navis TubeTex Pak Nit e3 Gemini is the most efficient compactor ever produced by Navis TubeTex. The highest quality materials, latest drive controls, highly precise gear motors, bearings and use of specialized materials to reduce energy usage have all been incorporated into the Pak Nit e3 Gemini. Navis TubeTex e3 Gemini is greater than the sum of the parts to make the e3 Gemini a great finishing system.