The Navis TubeTex Pak Nit e3 Gemini is the most efficient compactor ever produced by Navis TubeTex. The highest quality materials, latest drive controls, highly precise gear motors, bearings and use of specialized materials to reduce energy usage have all been incorporated into the Pak Nit e3 Gemini. Navis TubeTex e3 Gemini is greater than the sum of the parts to make the e3 Gemini a great finishing system.

Dual Compacting System

A Dual Compaction Station system with a Feeding Roller running with a compaction roll reduces the fabric shrinkage to the desired level. Higher Shrinkage rates are possible at a higher speed. Even results top/bottom and side/side while prolonging the life of the machine are a result of the dual system. Residual shrinkage results to less than 1% are possible.

  • Highest Speeds and Compaction Rates
Redesigned Dual Compaction Shrinkage Control System
  • Width and Cross-line Control System
Operator Control System
  • Super Efficient Machine Heating System
  • Residual Shrinkage Results of 1% or less by Tumble Dry Testing Method
  • Improved Hand, Appearance, and Bulkiness
  • Patented processing system means accurate repeatability of finishing results
Requirements Installed Running
15 kW
11.0 kW
400 lb./hr. (180 kg./hr.)
200 lb./hr. (90 kg./hr.)
4 bar
4 bar
6,200 lbs. (2,800 kg.)
6,200 lbs. (2,800 kg.)

Speed 0-100 yards/min. (91 m/m)
Widths 40″ (17 – 94 cm)
50″ (17 – 119 cm)
60″ (17 – 145 cm)