With several models available, Navis TubeTex has the patented all pneumatic Tube Turner to meet any need.

The Navis TubeTex Tube Turner uses air for both loading and unloading of the Tube Turner. This feature reduces tension and increases production.

Standard Tube diameters range from 4 inch (10 cm) to 10 3/4 inch (27 cm) to handle fabric widths from 8 inch (20 cm) to 55 inch (140 cm). Special width and lengths are available on request.

Standard Lengths range from 19 feet to 65 feet (5.7 m to 19.8 m) to handle all knitted rolls up to 400 lb. (180 kg).
The newest model 40-foot (12.2 m) straight Tube Turner is ideal for taking advantage of the economies if the industrial (long legged) knitting machines for 250 or 400 lb. (115 kg or 180 kg) rolls.