N-Dura Dryer

The N-Dura Dryer was developed by engineers using the latest thermal & aerodynamic modeling techniques to optimize air flow patterns and heat distribution; concurrently, industrial designers developed a structure that was easy to install, operate and maintain.

Performance Features:

  • Unique Nozzle design using CFD Analysis optimizes velocity and uniformity while minimizing power requirements.
  • Housing losses 43% less than conventional designs. Heat radiation to room is minimized.
  • All wired & piped components (fans, burners, motors, coils) are located on same side of dryer minimizing floor space, providing easy access for cleaning, and facilitating easy installation and troubleshooting.
  • Heat Recovery (internal and stand alone) systems available. Savings are process dependent.

Filter Cleaning & Access

  1. Individually removable nozzles with clean-out doors.
  2. Large Return air filters cleaned while in operation. Frequency is process dependent.
  3. Duplex filters ensure process air is filtered during cleaning.

Width Adjustment System

  1. Direct coupled gear motors outside of dryer eliminate maintenance problems with chains and sprockets. Rails positioned to preset width (recipe or operator selectable).
  2. Position Sensor displays rail location at each joint and eliminates damage caused by extreme rail angles.
  3. Precision saddles support rails from tipping caused by pull forces and web close to nozzles for efficient heating and drying.
  4. Width Adjustment screws below support beam prevent contamination of web.
  5. Width adjustment mechanism easily accessed for maintenance