TM-100 Open Width Compactor

The Navis ArrayTex TM-100 is a revolution in open width knit finishing. The machine is the culmination of extensive Engineering and Research efforts. Extensive uses of new materials and manufacturing techniques have produced a new machine that could not have even been produced just a few years ago. These engineering breakthroughs mean faster change over for fabric styles and higher quality while reducing running cost.

Matrix Stenter Frame


In our quest to improve the overall range performance, the team at Navis TubeTex began with a fresh start – ready for a new approach and design direction. After extensive research and engineering efforts, we developed the revolutionary and unique Matrix Stenter models. The difference is in the details.



The precise airflow and temperature control of the Matrix Hot Flue ensures all applications perform as required. The highly efficient insulated panels and precise exhaust control minimize energy usage.

The Matrix Hot Flue both increases dye yield and enhances color development, and simultaneously minimizes off-shade problems. Fabric is laced vertically over thick walled rolls and sized to each specific application.