e65 Heat Recovery Unit

The Navis TubeTex e65 HRU recovers up to 65% of available heat from processing appications. The captured heat can be used for reducing the heat load on any process or used for other applications to reduce processing cost.

The e65 HRU can be added to exisitng ovens and process applications requiring exhausting of heated process air. The e65 HRU can be incorporated into new Navis TubeTex process equipment to gain the most efficiencies available

The difference is in the details.

  • Up to 65% heat recovery
  • Fast ROI (payback time)
  • Proven Technology
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
Heat Recover Tenter

Technical Details – e65 Heat Recovery Unit

  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger for Textile and Industrial Processes
  • Counter-flow Design
  • Straight through flow for exhaust stream
  • No moving parts for low maintenance
  • Super efficient aluminum heat transfer matrix
  • Up to 65% recovery of exhaust heat
  • Double wall construction and all welded frame