C-2500 Open Width Compactor

Tube-Tex has evolved into a new era of performance improvement and appearance for open width knit fabrics with the C-2500 Open Width Compactor. The final step of processing for high quality outerwear and apparel knit fabrics will give softer hand, superior shrinkage control, width control, and yield control.

c2500-1.1Two advantages of the C-2500 Open Width Compactor are the ability to improve the hand and appearance while achieving the natural relaxed state of the knit loop in a continuous process.

Residual shrinkage results in knit fabric by tumble drying testing methods if 1% are possible. With the C-2500 compaction system, accurate repeatability of desired finishing results are obtainable.


Fabric is presented to the C-2500 Compactor continuously from either a roll, fold, or tenter frame. A metal detector, fabric centering and guiding, steam box, and Tube-Tex Bi-Lateral Slat spreader are optional accessories. An open tenter frame is an available option for applications where more width control and the possibility to add edge gumming, drying, and trimming are needed.

Compaction Principle

The compaction station consists of a feed roll and slower turning retarding roll. A single shoe fitted into the nip forms the compaction zone. The shoe’s function is to present the fabric into the compaction zone. The feed roll overfeeds fabric into the compaction zone while the slower retard roll holds the fabric in the zone. If more shrinkage is required, then the retard roll speed is decreased. This will increase the compaction and reduce the length of shrinkage. Maximum compaction rates up to 25% are possible.


A Semi-automatic batcher allows continuous rolling and doffing of finished fabric rolls without stopping by an automatic tube placement and fabric cutter.

An optional Tensionless Folder is available to plait the finished fabric onto an automatic lift table. The table will drop as fabric is plaited on the table to maintain the tensionless and even package.

New Oil Heating System

The Feed Roll and Shoe Section are heated by a closed loop recirculating thermal oil system. The thermal is heated by the plant’s steam and provides quick and efficient heating during operation. Unlike most other compaction systems, the C-2500 does not need to be kept running or need to be cooled down before shutting down, resulting in energy savings.


Metal Detector
AC Inverter Control with PLC
Yardage/Meter Counter
Intensive Steam Box System


Mounted before the compaction station, the Tube-Tex Bi-Lateral Slat Spreader will provide extra width control and correction during the compaction process. An automatic width sensor will enhance width correctio


Electricity – 30 KW (Installed) 13 KW (Running)
Steam – 400 lb./hr (180 kg/hr) (Installed) 200 lb./hr (90 kg/hr) (Running)
Air – 4 bar


  • Speed 0-60 yards/min (55 m/m)
  • Widths 90 inch (218 cm) 100 inch (244 cm