Navis TubeTex Matrix Stenter

In our quest to improve the overall range performance, the team at Navis TubeTex began with a fresh start – ready for a new approach and design direction. After extensive research and engineering efforts, we developed the revolutionary and unique Matrix Stenter models. The difference is in the details.


  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Highest Productivity
  • Superior Quality
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • Maximize Energy Savings

Air Circulation System - Oven and Dryer

Stenter 2

The Navis TubeTex Matrix Stenter’s specially engineered Dual-Air drying/curing chambers provide precise control of the process air. Separate fans feed the upper and lower nozzles. Equi-Flow Nozzle design ensures uniform nozzle velocity on both faces and can be optimized for any fabric characteristic

Additional performance features and benefits include:
>> Super-energy-efficient Oven Panels
>> Superior Panel Sealing
>> Lower Air Volume
>> Easy Cross-member and Spindle Maintenance
>> Automatic Air Locks – exit and entry
>> Integrated Heat Recovery System
>> Energy Saving Systems
>> Pressure transducers generate active feedback for repeatable / accurate operation and the highest uniformity possible
>> Lower-profile and straighter air paths translate into a more efficient operation
>> Stacked primary and secondary lint screens allow machine cleaning during operation
>> Integrated Heat Recovery System
>> Easy-access exhaust and make-up air ducts capture heat that normally would be lost, saving energy