Navis TubeTex is pleased to announce further success for shrinkage control machinery for Turkey. Tamteks Tekstil in Corlu, Turkey has just started production with the TM-100 for hard to control, sensitive fabrics with great success.

Navis TubeTex TM-100 compactor controls shrinkage in 100% viscose to less than 4-5% at a speed of 30 m/m and other difficult fabrics to less than 3% to better control shrinkage and weights over any other compaction technology.

The advanced technology and superior fabric quality of the Navis TubeTex TM-100 has become the standard for shrinkage control in Turkey for the lightweight and heavy weight viscose fabrics. The TM-100 operator touchscreens are in Turkish language and local service support makes the TM-100 the best choice for companies looking for the best technology and the best technical service.

Due to the machine successes, Navis TubeTex has an additional 2 machines to be installed in Turkey before the end of 2012.