Navis Tubetex, based in Lexington, N.C., provides high-quality, high-tech finishing machinery for knit, woven, technical and nonwovens fabrics.
According to President & CEO Will Motchar, the company’s differentiators are advanced technology, especially in providing low energy, chemical and water usage; high-quality machinery that has the lowest total cost of ownership (longer life and lower running costs); process expertise that allows the company to focus new product R&D in areas that will positively impact customers’ operations; and a significant technical service structure throughout the world for rapid response time.

Navis Tubetex has adapted to become more competitive in recent years in two ways, Motchar said.

 “First, being where our customers are with sales, service and parts has been crucial,” he said. “And second, focusing our R&D on ‘green’ technology that lowers energy consumption and reduces chemical and water usage has been important.”

Motchar said 2014 is off to a strong start, with a solid backlog that will result in a stronger year than what was a solid 2013.

 “The industry as a whole is very healthy,” he said. “Of course, in any given year there are geographies or market segments that are having a difficult time and thus not investing in capital equipment at the rate we would like to see. But as a whole, and globally, this is a very healthy and growing industry.”

The ultimate key for Navis Tubetex to succeed is continually introducing new technology that lowers the operating cost of its customers through increased productivity, higher quality and lower energy consumption, Motchar said.

“A customer can always find a machine that has a lower upfront price than ours, but the total cost of ownership of our machine will always be lower due to the productivity and quality,” he said. “We combine that high technology and quality machinery with outstanding technical service support and process expertise to deliver a total solution to our customers.”