Mr. William J. Motchar, President and CEO of Navis Global, was recently honored by his Alma mater Illinois State University, and was inducted into the College of Business School Hall of Fame.

Each year, the College of Business inducts a select group of highly accomplished graduates into its Alumni Hall of Fame in recognition of their significant career accomplishments and outstanding service to others.  Mr. Motchar’s accomplishments and commitment to excellence is reflected in his professional dedication to Navis Global as well as continued service to others in the community.

During the university’s Business Week, Motchar gave a speech highlighting international growth opportunities for US-based companies and reviewed the importance of managing an agile company, in order to meet the needs of international clients and expand the company’s growth opportunities.  Motchar also participated in a luncheon session providing students, faculty, and other alumni the opportunity to interact with the inductees.   Motchar stated “I am honored to be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame and to discuss the importance of international business opportunities with upcoming graduates.

As a leader in textile machinery manufacturing, Motchar also discussed the importance of personal skills including self awareness, strategic thinking, negotiation, communication as well as patience and cautions honesty.  His closing statements focused on staying engaged, fostering curiosity, and to take opportunities as they came to broaden one’s experience.