GRANITEVILLE, S.C. — August 9, 2021 — Graniteville Specialty Fabrics, a producer of specialty coatings and coated fabrics, announced today the upgrade of one of its solvent processing lines to meet growing customer demand for advanced engineered products. The new equipment will also provide additional capacity and manpower flexibility to the plant process flow.

Graniteville Specialty Fabrics will add a new Marshall & Williams N-Dura tenter to a solvent processing line which includes a drying system specifically developed for solvent coatings, the latest tenter chain technology, and a menu-driven automated-control platform. In addition to the tenter, a Baldwin Texcoat G4 applicator and Mascoe pre-dryers will be installed. The upgraded unit will be commissioned Q1 2022.

“We have hundreds of styles and formulations, and we want to stay on the leading edge of technology,” said Doug Johnson, executive vice president of development & technical services at Graniteville Specialty Fabrics. “The new Marshall & Williams equipment is critical to ensure continued service for our existing customer base while providing a flexible ‘future-proof’ tool for product development.” The menu-driven control system also provides improved process management. Johnson added, “The modern M&W tenter requires fewer in-line adjustments allowing production associates to focus on product quality our customers expect.”

Jim Egan, CEO of Graniteville Specialty Fabrics, said: “This investment lowers fuel and chemical consumption and minimizes chemical and energy waste while improving quality effectiveness. The cost savings and quick investment recovery is clear; but also, these same benefits simultaneously lower the environmental impact to our community. We are excited about the possibilities of the investment in today’s competitive marketplace.”