Navis TubeTex has just completed the installation of a full open width knit finishing range at Pinto in Ecuador. Pinto is known as a high quality garment producer with their own stores in South America.

The Navis TubeTex range includes a Master-Slitter, M&W P5V Stenter equipped with the CQC chemical control system, and the TM-100 Open Width Compactor. The full Navis TubeTex range will allow Pinto to produce the best quality at a much lower cost than their current process.

The Navis TubeTex M&W P5V Stenter has the latest air flow and controls systems, the Integrated Heat Recovery System, and the patented heavy duty P5V vertical chain system.

The Navis TubeTex TM-100 compactor controls shrinkage by tumble dry testing in knit fabrics to less than 3% to provide absolute control over any other compaction technology.