Technical Textiles / Nonwoven

  • High Speed & High Pull Capabilities
  • Optimal Drying & Heating Rates
  • Lowest Energy consumption for kg Processed
  • Heat Recovery Systems Available
  • Multiple Inlet / Outlet Configurations to match process
  • Wide Range of Chemical Application technologies (Coating, Saturation, Foam) Powerful / Precise yet Intuitive Controls Platform
  • Remote Access / Control
  • Standard Widths up to 3.8 m / Wider widths available – Turnkey Solutions
Medical Nonwoven
Industrial Nonwoven
Industrial Nonwoven filiment
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Stenter Technologies – M&W began building stenters for the textile & plastic markets in 1920. When non-woven and technical webs entered the markets, M&W became the leader in servicing these applications requiring specialized stenters.