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The Navis TubeTex SCS is the solution to controlling spirality (torque) in knit fabric. Finally, there is an automatic way to correct and control spirality in knit fabric in the final step when paired with the compaction/calendaring machine. Sophisticated algorithms along with the specially designed correction chamber imparts the correct amount and direction of correction needed to control spirality.
Spirality is the angle of the knitted wales and courses from 90 degree as measured by the tumble dry testing method. Knit tubular fabrics have a degree of spirality during normal manufacturing and processing, including knitting, batching, dyeing, padding, drying and finishing. Common problems are: laying up twisting, cutting mis-alignment, mismatched patterns, sewing problems, shifting side seams, garment distortions, and printed or striped movement after sewing

Patented Technology

Key Features using the SCS:
• Controlled Spirality to meet Quality Standards
• Spirality Correction to less than 4% after Processing
• Stable Correction
• Works on all Tubular Knitted Fabrics
• Efficient and Automatic Operation for Correction
• Reduce Sewing and Cutting Problems from Spirality


How SCS Controls Spirality:

The SCS works in line before the compactor using Patented technology and sophisticated control paramaters and a specically designed correction chamber that operates at the speed of the compactor. The SCS is given the input data for the given fabric’s spirality percentage, direction of rotation, and tubular width. The SCS’s control system using proprietary algorithms will impart the correction to control the degree and direction of the twist based on the parameters.
The specially designed correction chamber is designed to give correction to the tube with very limited friction to prevent any damage to the finished fabric. A hole detection safety shut-off is included to prevent damage to the fabric or machine.

Working Tubular Width:
410 mm – 1300 mm
16 inches – 52 inches
Speed: 5 – 60 m/min
Power: 2 kw

Total Length: 4000 mm
Total Width: 2000 mm
Weight: 650 Kg